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Shoulder Physical Examination, Treatment and Practical Applications

Presented by Tracy Elliott, BSc.PT, BSc/BPHE(Hons)

*** This recorded webinar was originally presented during the first quarter of 2021. We are offering this webinar again to our new members and members who were not able to attend back in 2021. ***

This webinar will provide a focused review and practical applications for assessing and treating the shoulder. This will involve a review of shoulder anatomy, differential diagnoses, shoulder assessment and special testing, non-operative management and treatment of the shoulder and practical applications through case studies.

Webinar Outline:

  1. Anatomy and physical examination
  2. Treatment
  3. Case studies and questions

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Contact Hours: 4 (CBOT approved)

Goals and Objectives

• Review shoulder anatomy (bony shoulder anatomy and musculature).

• Perform a comprehensive shoulder assessment with consideration of the subjective component, observation, mechanism of injury, scapular contribution, differential diagnoses, objective measures and special testing.

• Understand imaging that might be useful based on the clinical examination findings

• Be able to apply the treatment recommendations available that are consistent with the physical examination findings.

• Be able to demonstrate a variety of exercises and treatment options for shoulder rehabilitation.

• Practical Applications: Formulate a treatment plan based on the physical examination findings in case studies.

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